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If you're anywhere near New York City tomorrow, then be sure to pop into The Psychedelic Film and Music Festival. If you do, you can catch our Burroughs film screening as part of the event. More information and tickets can be found HERE If you can get there, embrace the weird we say ...

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT SOON (Added 2018-08-12 22:25:52 BST)
Just a quick News item to reassure everyone that we are still alive and despite possibly the longest silence we've had as a company, rest assured that there is a LOT happening behind the scenes that for legal reasons we haven't been allowed to report on, but very soon we hope to be able to make possibly the biggest announcement in our history. Please keep an eye on our Twitter account as we do post random things there, but very soon there will be lots to start reporting here, so keep your eyes on the skies ....

GREAT WAY TO START 2018 (Added 2018-01-09 20:48:40 GMT)
If you follow us on Twitter, then we will have wished you a very happy holidays. If, however, you only visit us here, then you will have found the site down for a short while some we carried out some behind the scenes work upgrading of the website. You may still notice a few minor glitches on the site as we fully migrate to our new hosting system, but rest assured it's still business as usual. I can't say too much yet about our plans for 2018 as we're hoping this year could see our biggest project yet, but I can reveal that 2018 has gotten off to a lovely start with the news that "The Good Blonde" took home a Silver Award in the Best Short Film category at The California Film Awards. In their own words, "The California Film Awards recognizes and celebrates important world cinema that represents the forefront of aesthetic, critical and entertainment standards in contemporary independent filmmaking and screenwriting, honoring new and cutting-edge American and foreign independent films in several competition categories. Partnering with notable film industry companies, film educators, directors, producers, and writers, the California Film Awards provides a forum for talented filmmakers to be recognized for their work, creativity, and achievements." Which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Keep watching this space for all updates ...

The 26th Berkeley Film and Video Festival was a wonderful evening for us. It marked the US Premiere of the film and we took home the award for Best Short Film. We would like to thank Mel Vapour and his team for the award and their support of the film. In addition to the screening, local Bay Area DJ and poet Jack Foley conducted a live Q&A with Al Hinkle. Al not only appears in our film, but in many of Jack Kerouac's actual novels. How we wish we could have seen the film with him. However, it is possible to watch Jack and Al in action HERE Let's hope this is the first of many such evenings and, as ever, keep your eyes on the skies ...

After a wonderful reception at The EBSN Conference at The University of Chicago Centre in Paris last month in which Nic spoke about our Beat film project, adapting Beat poetry for the screen and working with Beat luminaries such as Michael McClure, Carolyn Cassady and Al Hinkle, we are absolutely delighted to announce that "The Good Blonde" has been selected as the opening night film for the 2017 Berkeley Video and Film Festival. We are thrilled that the Festival has chosen to screen the film and honoured to open the festival. In addition to the film itself, Al Hinkle will be making a very rare public appearance to support the screening. Al, of course, features in the film as the old man in the bookstore who befriends our hero and gives him some words of wisdom drawn from his many years on the road. However, Al is better known as being a friend of Jack Kerouac and is immortalised in several Kerouac novels, including "On The Road". Al will be interviewed before the film by Bay Area poet and broadcaster Jack Foley. We wish we could be there in person to support what will surely be a very special evening. After the interview and before the film, the BVFF will screen a short 5 minute introduction to the film which we filmed especially for the festival last month. The Festival opens at 8pm tonight and more information can be found HERE, so if you are anywhere near Oakland, California tonight then turn up for what will be a magical Beat happening.

HEADING FOR THE PARIS INTERZONE (Added 2017-09-20 14:01:59 BST)
Nic is delighted to be taking part in The Paris Interzone Conference this week. The sixth annual conference by The European Beat Studies Network, Nic will be presenting our films and talking about adapting Beat work for the screen alongside Beat academics such as Ann Charters, Gerard Nicosia and Oliver Harris. A full report will follow upon his return or you can follow him on Twitter

14167 Films are both delighted and proud to announce that Nic will be a guest at The European Beat Studies Network conference in Paris later this year. The conference takes place across 20 - 22 September at The University of Chicago Centre in Paris. Organised the EBSN, the conference is aimed at being an academic network for scholars, students writers and artists interested in the Beat Generation, Beat Studies and related research areas and activities. Nic will be presenting some of our films and speaking about the film making process.
More information can be found HERE and Nic will post a full report upon his return. As always, keep an eye on the skies...

BEAT SCENE REVIEWS KEROUAC FILM (Added 2017-07-15 15:20:34 BST)
Beat Scene remains the leading journal of all things Beat and we were delighted to find out that the latest issue carries a review of our Kerouac film. Here is an extract from that review - Saunders isn't one for simple re-creation, instead he interprets, keeping the kernel centre and building on that ... Director Saunders keeps the essence of Kerouac's story but gives it a twist, the actual road intruding at the beginning and near ending of the film. This short film has elements, quite deliberately, of a home movie about it. It conveys a restlessness and two lonely souls have a a brief encounter - only to drift away like tiny grains of sand in a cast of billions. The beach being the universe ... I'm not sure what Saunders' next move is, but if this is to be it, he leaves behind an intriguing box of films for us Beat enthusiasts to reflect on. The hope is that many of you will get to see them all. The full review can be found in Issue 86 and is available from BEAT SCENE As ever, all news will appear here first. Keep your eyes on the skies...

We were delighted to learn that Bay Area poet and Broadcaster, Jack Foley, had subjected our Kerouac film to his normal expert scrutiny and written a beautiful analysis of the film on the literary website Caveat Lector. Check out what he had to say HERE As ever, all news and reviews will be posted here first and make sure to follow us on Twitter.

14167 FILMS FOUNDER MADE MEMBER OF EBSN (Added 2017-04-21 16:10:10 BST)
It's really exciting to be able to announce that 14167 Films' very own Nic Saunders has been made a member of The European Beat Studies Network. The EBSN brings together, from across and beyond Europe, those who share an academic or creative interest in the broad field of Beat culture. The EBSN aims to be inclusive; a genuine community of scholars and students, writers and artists, which not only reaches out to all kinds of people who work on the Beats, but also actively invites their participation.
It's wonderful to accept membership as it means our Beat films have been embraced by the Beat community and it's a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and contacts in this very special little bit of the literary world. More film info will always appear here first ....

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