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NEWS OF FILM REACHES RUSSIA (Added 2009-02-16 21:11:18 GMT)
News of our film appears to have reached behind the old Iron Curtain as I found this curio - CLICK HERE - whilst surfing the net. No news on any festivals yet, but good to see the film is attracting attention in the strangest of places. In related news, you can now see Philip Bulcock, the Cowboy in Curses and Sermons, in a short film that has attracted festival attention HERE and information can now be found online about the feature film debut of Curses and Sermons producer Beci Preston by visiting her official website HERE.

HAPPY NEW YEAR (Added 2008-12-31 19:15:55 GMT)
The Company wishes everyone a very Happy 2009 and a big thanks to everyone we've worked with in some way or another over the last twelve months. With any luck, 2009 will see "Curses and Sermons" being accepted into film festivals around the Globe and work commencing on our next project. There's mention of the film's appearance at Birmingham on the BBC website HERE. See you further on up the road!

"Curses and Sermons" was shown, albeit as a working edit, for the first time in public last week at The University of Birmingham as part of their two day Beat conference celebrating the arrival of Jack Kerouac's "On The Road" manuscript in the UK. Screened as part of a double bill with Robert Frank's Beat classic "Pull My Daisy", the film was well received. The Q&A that followed suggested that the audience understood the film and had engaged with it both visually and orally. The discussion was lively and the Company feel a renewed confidence as we continue to wait to hear which film festivals the film will be part of.
"Visually sumptuous - at times, stunning" Prof. R.J. Ellis, author of "Jack Kerouac - Outside Writing"
As always, all news will appear here first.

MORE SUPPORT FOR FILM PROJECT (Added 2008-12-03 21:38:20 GMT)
After receiving such a positive review from actress Amber Tamblyn last week, the Company were thrilled to receive some more great feedback about the film this week. A brilliant, alchemical wedding of word and picture. [This film] captures McClure's poetry and transforms it in a psychedelic alembic of lust, madness and desire. You must see it!- Ray Manzarek
Ray Manzarek is, of course, best known as keyboard player and founding member of rock band The Doors. Ray (above in shades) was at one stage in discussions to score the project, but other work commitments made this impossible. However, it is great that Ray took the time to view the completed film and pass on his feedback and we're very appreciative at Theatre 14167. Keep an eye on the skies as always for more updates.

The Company were buoyed today by an exuberant show of support from actress Amber Tamblyn. Amber has seen a copy of "Curses and Sermons" and had the following to say - "Curses and Sermons is a sensually deep laceration across the mind ... [this short film] is one of the great experimental, expressive feats of the 21st Century". WOW! Amber is an Emmy and Golden Globe nominated American actress and poet probably best known for her roles in films such as The Grudge 2 and Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, as well as roles in TV's "Joan of Arcadia" and "General Hospital". Also, the more technically minded will be interested to know that You Tube is now able to screen widescreen footage, so the trailer for the film can now be viewed in all it's letterboxed glory. Enjoy!

Poet and close friend of this Company, Michael McClure has a new official homepage. To visit simply click HERE. The site includes mention of Curses and Sermons and the trailer. We would like to thank Michael and his team for their continued support of the project.

Jack Kerouac, Kerouac�s On the Road, the Beats and the Post-Beats - A Two Conference at the University of Birmingham, UK Friday 12th December 2008 and Saturday 13th December 2008 To mark the fiftieth anniversary of On the Road�s publication in the UK, The University of Birmingham has arranged for the original typescript manuscript of On the Road to come to the Barber Institute at the University during December 2008 and January 2009. There will also be a two day conference in December to mark the event. The conference will take as its focus the �Beats� and their relations to On the Road and its themes � travel, jazz, sexuality and gender, rebellion, disaffiliation and alienation, class and ethnicity. This is a big deal for UK Beat fans as they will get to see the famous scroll for themselves. Speakers at the two day conference include Tim Hunt, author of Kerouac's Crooked Road, Matt Theado, author of Understanding Jack Kerouac and The Beats : A Literary Reference and Oliver Harris, a leading authority on William S Burroughs. Also as part of the two day event will be A SCREENING OF CURSES AND SERMONS on Friday 12th December at 7pm in the Arts Building, followed by a Q&A session. This will be the first time people can actually get to see the film, although it should be noted we will be screening a working edit of the film so as to avoid being unable to officially premiere the film at a festival at a later date. Theatre 14167 is extremely proud to be involved in this event. For information on the conference, the scroll and how to see the film click HERE.

Michael McClure has finally seen the Companies first film project, Curses and Sermons, and his feedback was massively positive calling the finished film "breathtakingly sweet and beautiful ... it is Ardor's love story and sweat's song mixed with silk". A collective sigh of relief was heard from all involved with the film when his feedback was received. Michael had not seen the film at any point of its production and his endorsement was always going to be critical. The film is, of course, based on a poem by Michael and was the result of Theatre 14167's successful collaboration with him in the Summer of 2006 when it revived his play The Beard. Let's hope that the film is as well received by the film festivals we've entered. All news, as always, will appear here first but don't forget you can still join our Withoutabox Film Festival Friend Group by clicking HERE which will keep you informed of all developments and watch the trailer HERE.

ALL SYSTEMS GO! (Added 2008-10-17 00:07:24 BST)
The film is finished and finally the process of entering film festivals has begun. Of course, there's a world of difference between submitting your film to a festival and being selected, but fingers crossed. All news, of course, will be found here first. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to getting the film this far - from the team who actually filmed it over a year ago, especially Beci Preston, Sam Edwards and John 'The Legend' Hargreaves - to all those involved in post production, especially Ric Thomas who has been unbelievable and Andy Dragazis - to Christian and everyone at 24-7 DVD who produced the DVD's - to Philip Bulcock, Kasia Halpin and the rest of the cast and, of course, to Michael McClure for having the faith in me to let me film one of his poems - THANK YOU! I hope to see you at a festival very soon. Keep watching the skies!

"Curses and Sermons" cast member Rebecca Paul has been photographed by internationally renowned photographer Mark Curtis and the photograph is one of the entrants in the Saatchi Gallery's SHOWDOWN competition. You can see the stunning photo by clicking HERE and cast your vote. And whilst you're online, don't forget you still have time to - 1. Join our Withoutabox Friend Group by clicking HERE which will help the film raise its profile on the Festival circuit and keep you informed of all developments. 2. View and rate the Trailer by clicking HERE 3. Get the latest copy of BEAT SCENE magazine by clicking HERE which features a three page article on the film.

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