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The latest issue of BEAT SCENE magazine includes a great feature on CURSES AND SERMONS. The three page features details all the background on the creation of the film and includes some new pictures. This is the first such piece of press coverage and 14167 Films expresses its thanks to editor Kevin Ring and all at Beat Scene.
The magazine is available NOW from Beat Scene Press HERE.

HELP BUILD FILM'S FESTIVAL PROFILE (Added 2008-08-18 18:11:18 BST)
14167 Films needs YOU to help it build a strong online profile for CURSES AND SERMONS. There are several ways you can do this - 1. Join our Withoutabox Friend Group by clicking HERE 2. View and rate the Trailer by clicking HERE 3. Tell your friends to do the same Thank you for all your support.

TRAILER ONLINE (Added 2008-08-18 11:10:42 BST)
With the film itself finally almost finished and ready for its trek around the festival circuit, a trailer has been created to give everyone a taste of the film itself and to let everyone see what we've been slaving over all these months. The trailer is viewable on You Tube by simply clicking HERE The trailer can also be found in the Upcoming Productions section of this site. So enjoy the trailer for now and keep an eye for screening details of the film itself on this site very soon.

POSTER FOR FILM UNVEILED (Added 2008-07-01 22:21:57 BST)
As promised, all film news always appears here first. So, here's an exclusive first look at the poster design for Curses and Sermons -
Keep an eye for the trailer coming very soon.

EDIT IS NOW COMPLETE (Added 2008-06-06 19:46:00 BST)
Almost a year after principal photography, the edit is now finished on the Companies first film project. The next stage is to add music and do all the visual effects. After that the marketing and festival circuit. The end is almost in sight .... Keep watching for more news and with any luck a trailer should be available on the site in the not too distant future, so people can get a flavour of what all the hard work has been about. And don't forget that you can get a taste of one of the films leads - Philip Bulcock - in action in Christopher Nolan's Batman sequel The Dark Knight which is released in the next couple of weeks. Until then keep watching the skies ...

Post production work on the film project Curses and Sermons is going great guns and the film is almost ready. With that in mind, the Company is pleased to announce that it has appointed a composer to work on the film. There had been plans originally to have Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek work on the project, but unfortunately Ray is too busy with his work with Riders on the Storm to do it this time, so the Company is pleased to announce it will be working with ANDY DRAGAZIS. Andy is a member of the group Blue States and has had his work featured in films such as 28 Days Later(dir Danny Boyle), so expectations are high. Keep an eye on this site as usual for all news, including very soon details of screenings so people can actually see the finished product.

SADNESS AT LOSS OF ALFRED HOFMAN (Added 2008-04-30 22:39:35 BST)
The Company was saddened to learn of the death of scientist Alfred Hofman who died today at the age of 102. His discovery of LSD in 1938 helped a lot of people find within themselves the ability to create much of the art and literature that this Company is dedicated to promoting. Alfred Hofman, 1906 - 2008 RIP

FILM TAKES SHAPE (Added 2008-04-17 18:56:01 BST)
Post production continues on the Companies first film project Curses and Sermons. Nic and his editor are now well into the edit and the first completed cut of the film should be ready within weeks. It is the plan to have post production work complete by August, so that the film can begin to be entered into competition in film festivals around the World. Pre-production has tentatively also begun on the Companies next theatre project, but at the moment all energies are being directed in the direction of the film. As always, all news will appear here first.

DARRIN GOES TO HOLLYWOOD (Added 2008-02-04 17:38:33 GMT)
As the Company continues to work on its own foray into film - a slow, tortuous process mainly due to money - congratulations go out to Company friend Darrin Grimwood. Darrin was the author of "Black Aspirins", which this company produced in London in 2004. Well, Darrin has certainly left Kennington a long way behind and news reaches us that he has just had his first screenplay filmed in Los Angeles. Entitled "Cornered!", the film is a horror comedy directed by Daniel Maze and starring Steve (Police Academy) Guttenberg and James (Donnie Darko) Duval. The Company wishes the film all the best and hopes to have a film of its own in the not too distant future! As far as theatre goes, the Company is hard at work on its next project which will materialise as soon as the film has run its course. All news, as always, here first.

HAPPY NEW YEAR (Added 2008-01-04 17:58:23 GMT)
Firstly, happy new year to everyone. The last couple of months have seen a house move and therefore everythings been a bit quiet on the News front, but behind the scenes work is still progressing on the film project. I have now viewed all the footage closely and even seen a first assembly cut of the finished product courtesy of producer Rebecca Preston. With our main editor currently in New York, the momentum will pick up once again in February when he returns and the race will be on to be ready for festival season. All news as ever will appear here. On a related note, Philip Bulcock who plays the Cowboy in the film can currently be seen sharing the lead role in Channel Five's new daytime drama "Hanrahan Investigates" and will next be seen playing one of the title roles in the London transfer of the hugely successful Broadway musical "Jersey Boys" which opens in February. Philip will also be seen soon in Christopher Nolan's film "The Dark Knight Returns", the sequel to his film "Batman Begins", in which Philip plays a police detective opposite Gary Oldman. Kasia Halpin who played the Star in the film has just finished a successful run in John Godber's new play "Sold" and thanks to tremendous reviews was the subject of an interview in "The Stage" newspaper in which she name checked her work with Theatre 14167. For those with slightly longer memories, Chris Daley who played Billy The Kid in this Companies production of "The Beard" is currently working with The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford in their production of "Noughts and Crosses". Theatre 14167 is extremely proud to have worked with such talented actors and wishes them all the best in their careers.

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