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MORE PRAISE FOR KEROUAC FILM (Added 2017-04-13 09:13:59 BST)
As is customary when you finish a short film, you send copies to people who you think might be interested in the film and whose opinion of your film you would value. For us at 14167 Films, that means sending copies to those who now write or study the Beats. To those ends we sent a screener to OLIVER HARRIS, President of the European Beat Studies Network, an organisation aiming to bring together those who share an academic or creative interest in the broad field of Beat culture. As well as being its President, Oliver is also a Professor of American Literature at Keele University and the editor of many books on the Beats, including The Yage Letters Redux (2006), Junky : The Definitive Text of Junk (2003) and Naked Lunch @ 50 (2009). This is what he had to say about The Good Blonde - I did really dig the film. The style is perfect, not gimmicky, just right, and the casting of Hinkle works even if you dont recognise him (he looks familiar). I also liked the modesty of the whole piece, which is more Kerouacian than the usual effort to hop things up (although, oddly, I recall they take benzedrine in the original story, which ought to make it frenetic, whereas I found the mood wistful). I imagine you must have resisted a lot of temptations with a piece like this, and you did well to do so. In short, it is a lovely film. We're very thankful to Oliver for taking the time to watch the film and even happier that he liked our efforts. We know we're making quite niche films here and it's very, very rewarding when the experts in the field appreciate the work. As ever, all news appears here first ...

FEEDBACK FROM BILL MORGAN (Added 2017-04-09 10:32:37 BST)
Bill Morgan is the author and editor of more than a dozen books about the Beat writers. For nearly forty years he has worked as an editor and archival consultant for nearly every member of the Beat Generation including Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jack Kerouac, Gary Snyder, Michael McClure, Diane Di Prima, Gregory Corso, William S. Burroughs, and Edie Kerouac. Whilst on a lecture tour of Italy, Bill watched a screener of our Kerouac film, The Good Blonde, and this is what he had to say - You have done a good job of presenting Jack's words - it is a lot of dialogue to fit into a film, but I think you've managed to balance them with the images pretty well. As an old-timer, I especially liked seeing Al Hinkle on the screen and shots of Big Sur and City Lights. You have certainly undertaken some difficult works to translate into film. Congratulations, another good job. Obviously, we are thrilled that Bill enjoyed the film and felt we'd not done Kerouac's words a disservice. As ever, all news and updates will appear here first ...

THE GOOD BLONDE IS HEADING FOR SPAIN (Added 2017-04-01 09:24:18 BST)
We're really pleased to announce that The Good Blonde has made Official Selection in her second film festival, The Barcelona Planet Film Festival. It's very encouraging to know people are enjoying the film and it's beginning to find an audience.
As ever keep your eyes on the skies for more news ....

KEROUAC FILM SELECTED FOR BVFF 2017 (Added 2017-03-12 17:33:14 GMT)
With our Kerouac short, The Good Blonde, now finished in a form that we can enter in film festivals, we're delighted to announce that today we received the news that we'd made Official Selection at the BVFF 2017. Dates and times will be posted as we learn them, but it's great to know the film will be screening for a Stateside audience this year. 14167 Films have had films screened in previous BVFF's and we're delighted to be screening with them once again and we hope to be in attendance in San Francisco for the festival.
As ever keep your eyes on the skies ....

BLONDE IS THE NEW BLACK (Added 2016-12-26 10:07:56 GMT)
14167 Films would like to wish everyone we've worked with in 2016 or who we've met at one of our Beat Screen events, a very happy Christmas and an even happier New Year. Beat Screen events aside, 2016 has outwardly been our quietest year in some time, but all that will soon change in 2017 as Blonde becomes the new Black. With musical elements by Andy Dragazis added in the last few days and a few very small technical tweaks left to be made, The Good Blonde should be ready within the next weeks to be entered into film festivals. So, watch this space for what should be a much busier year. All updates are posted here and you can follow us on Twitter at @14167films. Until then, enjoy the festive season and we'll see you on the other side ....

A TIP OF MY CHAPEAU (Added 2016-10-22 17:38:42 BST)
Nic was lucky enough recently to meet Beat scholar Oliver Harris at The Cheltenham Festival of Literature last week. Harris is a leading authority on all things Beat, the author of a number of books on Burroughs especially and the founder of The European Beat Studies Network.
Nic managed to give him a copy of our Burroughs film "One Night at The Aristo" and this is what he had to say after viewing the film - "I enjoyed everything from the claustrophobic Tangier tunnels to the central performance - really excellent - and the deft glimpse of Dalmeny Court. A tip of my chapeau!" It is very pleasing to get the seal of approval from those that know and love the material that inspires our films. Harris now has a copy of our Ginsberg film "At Apollinaire's Grave" - so let's hope he enjoys that one too. If you'd like a chance to see the films for yourselves, speak to Nic and live near Oxford, UK then don't forget our "Beat Screen" event on October 30th at 3pm. More info and tickets HERE

SCREENING IN OXFORD ANNOUNCED (Added 2016-09-28 20:46:27 BST)
We're really pleased to announce a third pop-up screening event. If you live anywhere near Oxford then please come down to The Albion Beatnik Bookshop at 3pm on Sunday 30th October for a chance to see our Ginsberg, Burroughs and the latest work print of our Kerouac film.
Tickets are available from the store direct, over the phone at 07733 876213 or by emailing You can visit their website HERE After the screening, Nic Saunders will be there for a Q&A, so do come along and say hi. For all other news on screenings or projects in development, everything is posted here first or you can follow us on Twitter. As always, keep your eyes on the skies ...

MEMORIES OF KENNY (Added 2016-08-13 21:37:30 BST)
It is with great sadness that today we learnt of the death of actor Kenny Baker. Kenny will obviously be remembered by the movie going audience for being inside R2-D2, the lovable droid in the enormously popular "Star Wars" films, but he proved his credentials as an actor over a thirty year career and in films such as "Time Bandits" and "The Elephant Man" in which he gave memorable performances. We were very lucky to spend a day with Kenny in 2012 when he agreed to voice our bartender character - Kiki - in our William S Burroughs short film, One Night at The Aristo. Kiki was actually a classic sci-fi 'man in a suit'-style monster - a six foot cockroach designed and made by special f/x artist Mike Peel and 'played by' actor Oliver Dench. Keen to give the character a distinctive vocal presence, we contacted Kenny through his agent and were delighted when he accepted the part. Who better for our retro creature than R2-D2 himself? Already in ill health and unable to travel to London, myself, sound man Dominic Mayer and stills photographer Zoe Midford made the five hour drive to Blackpool to work with Kenny as he invited us to his house to do the sound recording. We were greeted by Kenny in his dressing gown and he immediately made us welcome by offering us a cup of tea. We spent a couple of hours working with him on the part and he delivered his lines like the professional he was, only requiring a couple of takes on each line and taking all direction in a positive and constructive manner. We couldn't help but talk about his career and 'Star Wars' and Kenny was only too happy to tell us lots of on set anecdotes and share his showbiz stories. What a buzz for someone who was five in 1977 and had grown up with the original trilogy. After agreeing to sign some stills of Kiki - which now hang with pride of place in my hallway - we were off to mix Kenny's vocals into the film. We were delighted with the result and, one phone call later when he'd seen the film on a DVD we mailed him, we were pleased to say so was he. You can view the trailer on YouTube HERE It was only a brief encounter, but our time with him will stay with us forever as it's not every day you visit a childhood hero in their own home. Of course, his work in the film will also stay with us forever and we are proud to have had our opportunity to work alongside him.
RIP Kenny Baker - 24 August 1934 � 13 August 2016.

A FISTFUL OF THANK YOU'S (Added 2016-06-20 16:50:32 BST)
We just wanted to thank Dan and his team at The Firestation Arts Centre, Windsor for a lovely evening last month screening three of our films. As always, it was a pleasure to chat to the audience and get feedback on the films, especially as we're still shaping the final look of The Good Blonde. It was also nice to catch up the good blonde herself, actress Kasia Halpin, who popped in for the Q&A. And while we're thanking people - we should also thank Paul Fisk, Artistic Director of Festival of the Beats 2016 who recently sent us the following kind words after our appearance in Ipswich with him - Each short film, screened alone or together, creates a visual poetry that captures the psyche of the authors, engaging and deepening the interests of Beat enthusiasts while introducing the Beat Generation to a new, contemporary audience. For your chance to catch the films and for updates on our Kerouac film, all news will appear here first ...

On Saturday 28th May, we'll be screening three of our films in another one of our occasional Beat Screen events at The Firestation Arts Centre, Windsor. We'll be screening the festival cuts of At Apollinaire's Grave, One Night at The Aristo and in a slightly different version from the Ipswich event, a working edit of The Good Blonde. In addition to the three films, director Nic Saunders and the Good Blonde herself actress Kasia Halpin will be there doing a Q&A and musician Daniel Taylor will be performing acoustic versions of his songs from our Kerouac film. Tickets are still available HERE priced just �5.00. The evening starts at 7.30pm. Be great to see you there.

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