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After our successful outing at The Festival of the Beats 2016, we're really pleased to announce another chance to see our films on the big screen in May. On Saturday 28 May we'll be screening the festival cuts of "At Apollinaire's Grave" and "One Night at the Aristo" and be showing once again our working edit of "The Good Blonde". This is a great opportunity to get more audience feedback as we fast approach the final cut of the film and unleash it on film festivals proper. The screening will take place at The Firestation Arts Centre, Windsor and tickets can be bought HERE. At the moment, we can confirm Nic will be there to do a post show Q&A and it's likely he'll be joined by a few special guests ....
As always, keep an eye on the skies and we hope to see you in the shadow of Windsor Castle next month.

FESTIVAL OF THE BEATS 2016 REPORT (Added 2016-04-04 21:15:54 BST)
Last weekend saw the second Festival of the Beats event happen in Ipswich and we were delighted to be a part of it. Amongst all the poetry readings, book signings, talks and musical happenings, we managed to screen three of our films to a small, but receptive, audience in the beautiful surroundings of the Ipswich Film Theatre. We screened both the Ginsberg and Burroughs films, but also a working edit of our Kerouac film, "The Good Blonde". There was a pre-screening acoustic set from musician Dan Taylor of a couple of songs that feature in the film and a post show discussion with the film's director Nic Saunders. It was a really positive experience to be able to show the film to an audience and get their feedback. This means that whilst work continues on the technical aspects of the film, we can also stop and reflect on the actual storytelling and we were really pleased with the response. The film is dialogue heavy and the feedback suggests that the pacing is right and the performances engaging. Showing a 'not quite ready' cut of a film is a risk, but we're pleased to have done it and we'll be reflecting on the post show discussion a lot in the coming weeks as we near our final edit. We'd like to thank the festival for having us, especially festival director Paul Fisk and events manager Allie Catchpole, the staff at the Ipswich Film Theatre and, of course, everyone who turned out to watch the films. Keep an eye out for any more screenings ....

If you live anywhere near Ipswich and fancy seeing three of our Beat films, including a first chance to see a working edit of "The Good Blonde", then check us out this Sunday at 3.00pm as part of the 2016 Festival of the Beats. After the screening Nic Saunders (director/producer) will be doing an onstage Q&A and Daniel Taylor will be performing acoustic versions of all three songs from the film. We hope to see you there and please make sure you stop by and say hi.

We are really excited to announce that 14167 Films have been invited to The Festival of the Beats 2016. The festival celebrates all our beloved writers and their works and is the only European festival of its kind. We are delighted to be part of it and in an event entitled Beat Screen we'll be showing our Ginsberg, Burroughs and Kerouac film. It's unlikely "The Good Blonde" will be completely finished in time, but we'll be able to screen a work-in-progress copy which will be the first time an audience sees any footage from the film outside the trailer, so it's still kind of exciting. In addition to the three films, director Nic Saunders will be there to do an onstage Q&A and there will be live music from Daniel Taylor who will perform all three songs from the films so far. It's pretty exciting, so if you're interested check out HERE for more info on tickets.

IT'S ABOUT TO GET BUSY (Added 2016-02-12 20:11:36 GMT)
Work continues on Film Four in our Beat series. Dominic Mayer is deep into the colour grade and visual fx, the ADR is complete and the foley work almost there and talented singer songwriter Daniel Taylor has written three original songs for the film, including the awesome title track "Trail Man". We hope to be able to announce a string of screenings soon, so with that in mind here's a first look at the poster image for the film featuring Kasia Halpin as the mysterious blonde heroine. Keep your eyes on the skies as it's about to get busy ...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS (Added 2015-12-31 11:12:38 GMT)
Just a quick post to wish everyone associated with, or who has supported us, in 2015 a very happy Christmas and an even better New Year. 2016 promises to be a big year for us with the release of our Kerouac film, "The Good Blonde", to festivals worldwide, so keep your eyes on the skies ... See you all on the other side.

KEROUAC UPDATES (Added 2015-11-08 17:18:37 GMT)
Since uploading our Kerouac trailer it may appear that things have gone a little quiet, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, we've been extremely busy in post production and the film is moving quickly to completion. Philip Bulcock has recorded his ADR session (see below) and thanks to the skill of Dominic Mayer has had his and Kasia Halpin's ADR work seamlessly integrated into the film giving us an outstanding sound quality on what was a very tricky shoot. Dominic has also been very busy experimenting with visual effects to give this last chapter in our Beat series its own very unique look. The question we've been asking ourselves is 'How would your memories look if they were recorded onto celluloid and then left in the can for fifty years?'. The results, when we are finished, will be spectacular. Work is also advancing on the score and songs for the film.
Keep watching this space because very soon The Good Blonde will be appearing as if by magic in front of all of us ... And remember regular updates also appear on our Twitter feed.

KEROUAC TRAILER (Added 2015-08-20 20:33:26 BST)
Finally we can break the silence after what has been quite a long time with the trailer for our Kerouac film, The Good Blonde. We've come over all Play Misty For Me with this trailer, but I guess that what happens when you hang out in Big Sur country. With a Seventies style voice over by Kirk Baltz (who appears in the film itself as the voice of the Jazz DJ), a little home movie visuals and an old style Warner Brothers inspired logo, we hope you like it and it gets you excited for the finished film which we're still really hard at work on completing. The film stars 14167 regulars Philip Bulcock and Kasia Halpin and welcomes Beat legend Al Hinkle and Kirk Baltz into the fold. As always, the film is produced and directed by Nic Saunders. So, now you've read about it - check out the trailer HERE

Post production took a huge step closer to completion with the ADR session of actress Kasia Halpin this week. Filming for our Kerouac film took place in many actual locations associated with the Beat author, including Big Sur, and one of the perils of location filming is recording sound of a high enough quality to use in the finished product. We always knew that with the Pacific Ocean as our backdrop we'd always have to take our principal cast into the recording studio when we returned to the UK to re-record much of their dialogue and that's exactly what happened and I'm very pleased to say that the session went very well and we now have the voice of 'The Good Blonde' herself in the can.
A massive thanks to ADR technician Cameron Ferguson for his help and we now have to schedule a similar session with actor Philip Bulcock. As always keep an eye on the skies as we're fast reaching completion with this fourth chapter of our Beat journey. Check back regularly for updates or follow us on Twitter.

As we continue with post production of Film Four in our Beat series - The Good Blonde - we're very pleased to welcome two more performers to the project.
Adding his distinctive vocal talent to the role of Radio Announcer is Kirk Baltz. Based in Los Angeles but a native New Yorker, Kirk has had a long career as an actor spanning twenty years in film and television, but is still probably best remembered for his role as Marvin Nash in Quentin Tarantino's seminal "Reservoir Dogs". Besides his impressive CV as an actor, Kirk is also a highly respected acting coach working both in the US and internationally training actors. Kirk has also recorded some brand new material for the film's trailer which we hope to be posting online very soon. And adding her distinctive vocal talent to an original composition being written for the film by the multi talented and regular 14167 Films collaborator Daniel Taylor is singer Nicole Monique Johnson. Nicole is a well respected UK jazz singer and has been working professionally for many years both in the UK and abroad and has collaborated with a number of high profile artists in her career. 14167 Films are very lucky to have both artists on board and are very pleased to have their vocal contribution to the project. 14167 Films has a strong record with voice artists having had R2-D2 himself, Kenny Baker, contribute the voice of 'Kiki' to Film Three in the series. Work continues, so keep coming back for more updates ...

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