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TIME OUT interview finally appears online (Added 31/12/2006)
In August, Michael McClure gave TIME OUT magazine an interview prior to the opening of THE BEARD. That interview can be now be found online at

And, of further interest, a further positive review for THE BEARD can also be found at

MORE FILM NEWS REVEALED (Added 31/12/2006)
Despite the festive season, work has steadily been going on regarding "CURSES AND SERMONS", the Company's first venture into the world of film.

With the script now in its second draft, pre-production work has begun. To these ends, Theatre 14167 is pleased to announce that it will be working in assocation with PEGBET PRODUCTIONS on the project. Pegbet Productions is a leading UK independent film production company. Details of their latest short film project - "FOOTSTEPS" - can be found at their website

Theatre 14167 is also very pleased and honoured to announce that the film will feature a new, specially composed score by none other than RAY MANZAREK.

When one considers the counterculture bent of this Company, working with Ray, keyboard player and founding member of legendary rock band THE DOORS is particulary exciting. More information about Ray can be found at

More news on the film will always be announced here first.

Theatre 14167 can announce its next project - the Company will be collaborating with Michael McClure, author of THE BEARD, on a film project.

This spin off project will be based on a poem of Michael's that also concerns the protagonists of THE BEARD - Billy The Kid and Jean Harlow - and will be, what Michael is calling, a "film poem".

The working title of the project at the moment is "CURSES & SERMONS". This will be the Company's first venture into film work.

Watch this space for details.

Post BEARD activity (Added 01/10/2006)
The curtain may have fallen on THE BEARD at The Old Red Lion, but Theatre 14167 is far from resting on its laurels.

Colin Still of Optic Nerve Films has completed his filming of the show for his forthcoming documentary on Michael McClure. The more observant visitors may have spotted a behind the scenes photograph of the shoot on The Beard section of the Past Productions section of this website. Broadcast dates will be posted here as soon as known.

The Beat Scene website - - has some exclusive photographs of the play and is featuring them prominently on their homepage. The next issue of Beat Scene magazine will also feature a large retrospective article on the show and this companies work with Michael, so watch out for that.

Exciting news is the fact that the Company is currently in talks with several production companies to revive THE BEARD in the not too distant future, possibly in a much more prominent London location, possibly as part of a double hander, possibly in a touring version. There's very little to report at the moment as all negotiations are in early stages, but of course all the news will be reported here first.

And, of course, thoughts have turned to finding the next play for the Company. So, enjoy these precious days before the storm ...

BEAT SCENE reports on THE BEARD (Added 23/08/2006)
BEAT SCENE magazine is, as I'm sure visitors to this site are aware, the UK's leading magazine of all things Beat related. Issue 50 carried a pre-run article on the play and hopefully a future issue will carry a full report and pictures. Until then, this brief article was posted on their web site by Kevin himself who was present at the play's opening night.

Theatre 14167 thanks BEAT SCENE for its support and lovely article (reproduced below).

THE BEARD - to me - was sensational. A very intimate theatre above a busy classic old pub in Islington (if you don't know London this is a thriving and bustling part of the city, a northern district full of countless bars and restaurants, it has the atmosphere of a lovely long high street. The theatre is air conditioned. Audience is seated L shaped. The music of Terry Riley builds up the tension in eternity, which is the setting for the action. Two characters, Jean Harlow and Billy the Kid. You are so close you can see the grime in the fingernails of Billy, has he risen from the grave or is he just a dusty cowboy? Considered shocking decades ago the play retains a powerful aura. Is it a debate on illusion, the curse of iconic status, the pitfalls of even dwelling on one's own existence, maybe it is all these things and much more besides? Whatever the evening goes by in a rush with two exceptional performers Christopher Daley and Victoria Yeates who, despite being English, maintain almost impeccable American accents throughout, some feat. I heard someone say it reminded them a little of a much more contemporary WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOLFE and it bears thinking about. Michael McClure has always had a foot in rock and roll and it shows in THE BEARD, authentic costumes, contemporary modern Terry Riley music, at first I thought it was The Velvet Underground.

The dust has hardly settled on the play's three week run and filming has now begun on sections of THE BEARD for a documentary.

Made by Optic Nerve Films, GHOST TANTRAS is a documentary by film maker Colin Still on the life and work of Michael McClure. Having seen the play several times and in close cooperation with Theatre 14167, filming has now begun on filming sections of the play to be included in a section of the documentary that discusses the play.

The play has been moved to a studio environment and is being professionally filmed between 14 - 16 August. Photographs of the making of the documentary will appear in THE BEARD section in the Past Productions area of this site soon.

Full details of when GHOST TANTRAS is to be screened and/or released on DVD will be published on this site as soon as they're known.

For more information on Colin and Optic Nerve visit

The Curtain Falls ... (Added 14/08/2006)
The curtain has fallen on THE BEARD at The Old Red Lion 2006.

With almost a week of sold out houses - house average for the run was 72% - THE BEARD ended its three run at The Old Red Lion on Saturday 12th August.

Theatre 14167 would like to extend a huge thank you to all of those that came and saw the play. Check back in a few weeks time for a huge selection of photos and reviews in the Past Productions section of this site.

Also keep an eye on the site for news of future updates - THE BEARD may not have reached the end of its road just yet !

With all the initial buzz slowly dying down and the reviews out, a Fringe plays last week is always a difficult one ... but today's METRO magazine has carried a 4 STAR review and that can only be good news.

The full review by Robert Shore is as follows -

Michael McClure’s hour-long two-hander is a little piece of theatrical history that ranks alongside Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and Alan Ginsberg’s Howl as a milestone in the annals of the American Beat movement. First performed in California in the mid-1960s, it outraged the authorities (it climaxes in a witty simulated sex act that perhaps explains the otherwise enigmatic title) and saw the actors charged with ‘lewd or dissolute conduct in a public place’ and arrested.

Nic Saunders’ welcome revival at the Old Red Lion demonstrates that The Beard has lost little of its power to shock and – perhaps more importantly – intrigue. The action consists of an encounter in eternity between Hollywood glamourpuss Jean Harlow and famed outlaw Billy The Kid. As these two icons engage in tenderly vicious verbal foreplay in their existential otherworld, in classic Beat fashion the circular dialogue blends the commonplaces of the American Dream with the paradoxes of Zen Buddhism. Mysteriously resonant (and occasionally obscene) phrases are launched back and forth by Harlow and The Kid in incantatory, ritualistic fashion as their flirtation gathers pace. It’s fascinating stuff, played to hypnotic effect by Christopher Daley and Victoria Yeates.

FINAL WEEK FOR THE BEARD (Added 07/08/2006)
How time flies ... it's already the final week.

The show has now has had positive reviews in Time Out, The Spectator Magazine, The Stage, The Camden New Journal, The Islington Tribune and various internet sites.

Houses have been good - our final sunday was a complete sell out! Audience feedback has largely been very positive.

There are still tickets avaiable for the last five shows, so book now. It took almost 40 years for THE BEARD to return to London ... don't miss out!

The TIME OUT review is without doubt the most important review for any production on the London Fringe. Productions can sell out - or close early - on the strength of this review.

Rachel Halliburton, senior TIME OUT reviewer, was in on opening night and this is what she had to say in this weeks magazine -

Michael McClure’s writing has been described alternately as a ‘blob of protoplasmic energy’ (Allen Ginsberg) and ‘one of the more remarkable achievements in American literature’ (Times Literary Supplement). An acclaimed member of the Beat Generation, McClure caused more drama than even he had intended with ‘The Beard’ when San Francisco police arrested the actors playing the two lead roles on August 8 1966. The accusations included ‘obscenity’, ‘conspiracy to commit a felony’, and ‘lewd or dissolute conduct in a public place’. When the authorities’ charges were dropped, a triumphant two fingers was given to the suffocating restrictions of theatre censorship.

Unfettered by the play’s fascinating legacy Nic Saunders’ production quickly establishes itself as provocative theatre in its own right. The Old Red Lion’s seats have been re-upholstered in blue velvet, echoing the night-blue backdrop and chaise-longue: these and a glittering chandelier evoke McClure’s darkly poetic vision of eternity.

A rumble of minimalist repetitive chords plays as Jean Harlow (Victoria Yeates) and Billy The Kid (Christopher Daley) appear and seem through their movements, momentarily, to hang in mid-air. Both RADA graduates, they immediately assert their ownership of the stage: Daley through a swaggering brooding belligerence, and the white-satin-clad Yeates through paradoxically hostile flirtation.

This is a text to be delivered like music: deliberately devoid of characterisation it’s driven by echoes and sounds both snarling and sensual, a stream of hallucinogenic consciousness. Daley especially wakes up its poetry; every movement of his body brings shimmering life both to its obscenity and its sensuality.

Yeates responds with a performance both savvily witty and elegant, displaying the excitement and fear in a petulant encounter that gains crucial coherence as it develops into a potent sexual dance. McClure was in the audience on opening night, and the look of delight on his face was testament enough to the production’s idiosyncratic power.

Rating - Four Stars

THE STAGE SPEAKS (Added 31/07/2006)
The Stage, the industry newspaper of the theatre profession, has published its review of THE BEARD online - and it will appear in print later this week.

They conclude with the words ...

Victoria Yeates (resplendent in white silk and mink) and Christopher Daley (full of baby-faced allure in his awkward britches) are magnificent as the Kid and Harlow and they are impeccably directed by Nic Saunders

First Review Is In (Added 31/07/2006)
...this revival by Nic Saunders makes The Old Red Lion a hip place to be this Summer ...

so says The British Theatre Guide in the first Beard review to be published.

All reviews for the show will be reproduced IN FULL at a later stage on this site when the show is over and archived in the dusty cellars that are the Theatre 14167 vaults.

Apologies for my tardiness in updating this site, but what a wonderfully hectic time I've had the last couple of weeks!

THE BEARD is now definitely open for business. Thanks to a feature article in TIME OUT magazine, London has been buzzing with The Beard all week and attendance has been great. With only Sunday falling below 60% house attendance, audiences have been turning up to see the play and overall their reaction has been positive.

Michael and his wife Amy were here for the last few days of rehearsals and the first few nights and their reaction was incredible. Both were very supportive of the show and they seemed very pleased with, what they called, the most physical and youthfully dynamic interpretation of the piece they'd ever seen.

The reviewers have also all been in - TIME OUT, The Evening Standard, The Spectator Magazine, The Stage, amongst others. Whilst no one can predict what reviewers will say, I remind myself that a critics opinion is only one persons and so far, at least, the goodwill towards the show has been huge - so, fingers crossed. All reviews will appear from tuesday onwards!

The full story on opening night, the party, the book signing et al will all appear on this site as soon as the dust settles - so, if you've seen the show already check back later for pictures and all the reviews. If you've yet to see the play, then book those tickets and we'll see you there!

THE BEARD AT DOGMATIKA (Added 09/07/2006)
In a little over two weeks, London audiences will get their first chance to see THE BEARD in almost 40 years ... book your tickets today.

Meanwhile, check out more Beard coverage on cutting edge website DOGMATIKA at>

FURTHER BEARD UPDATES (Added 05/07/2006)
An interview with yours truly discussing the upcoming production appears in the latest issue of BEAT SCENE magazine. The magazine also contains a reprint of an interview with Michael from the 1960's in which he discusses his friendship with Doors frontman Jim Morrison - fascinating stuff.

Copies of the latest issue - Issue 50 - can be purchased from or over the phone on 02476 543604

Also, for those interested - I can now reveal that TERRY RILEY has not composed one piece of music specially for the show, but two pieces. Entitled Cantina d'Amore and The Kid these two new pieces will provide a sensational extra dimension to the blue velvet of eternity. At the moment there are no plans to commercially release these pieces of music, so the only way to hear them will be by booking your tickets and coming and seeing the show.

THE BEARD appears on more websites this week as the production looms closer. Check out the information at The Offical London Theatres Website at

Watch out for Beard links soon to appear on Michael McClure and Ray Manzarek's offical homepage and

THE BEARD becomes a featured story on another top London theatre website.

Check it out at

City Lights Bookstore - San Francisco, Shakespeare and Company - Paris, Red Snapper Books - London - three legendary bookshops familiar to anyone with an interest in the Beat Generation.

Theatre 14167 can exclusively reveal that Michael McClure will be doing an instore signing to promote THE BEARD at the Red Snapper bookstore, London on Wednesday 26th July.

Michael will sign copies of his work between 1pm and 3pm.

Red Snapper Books can be found at 22 Cecil Court, off Charing Cross Road, London, WC2N 4HE.

More information can be found at

This is a rare chance to meet Michael and have your treasured books or CD's signed.

Copies of Michael's CD's "Rebel Lions" and "Ghost Tantras" will be on sale at the event.

Besides his reading at The London Review of Books on the 24th, this will be Michael's ONLY other public engagement.

CASTING ANNOUNCED (Added 14/06/2006)
With just short of a thousand actors considered during the process, Theatre 14167 can finally announce the casting for THE BEARD.

Jean Harlow will be played by VICTORIA YEATES and Billy The Kid by CHRISTOPHER DALEY.

Victoria trained at RADA.

Her previous roles include Bosola in The Duchess of Malfi (dir. Joe Harmston), Portia in The Merchant of Venice (dir. Sarah Esdaile), Mrs Venable in Mothers and Sons (dir. David Salter), The Beggar in The Great Theatre of the World (dir. William Gaskill) and Clodia in The Last Carnival (dir. Burt Caesar).

Christopher also trained at RADA.

His previous roles include Joe Helliwell in When We Are Married (dir. Dee Cannon), Philip Kastoria in Widows (dir. Guy Slater), Lukash in The Good Soldier (dir. Tim Carroll), Charles Surface in School for Scandal (dir. Greg dePolnay) and Casimir in Cosmonaut’s Last Message (dir. Kathryn Hunter).

Without doubt, these are TWO OF BRITAIN'S HOTTEST YOUNG ACTORS and will be sensational in the roles. Don't miss your chance to see these actors in this production - book your tickets now.


The UK Theatre Network is the latest site to carry news about THE BEARD.

Check it out at

In what is truly exciting news legendary composer TERRY RILEY is to compose a new, original piece of music - The Beard Prelude - for the production in July.

For those who don't know Terry's work, read on ...

Terry Riley launched what is now known as the Minimalist movement with his revolutionary classic "In C" in 1964. This seminal work provided the conception for a form comprised of interlocking repetitive patterns that was to change the course of 20th century music and strongly influence the works of Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Adams as well as rock groups such as The Who, The Soft Machine, Curved Air, Tangerine Dream and many others.

In the 60's and 70's he turned his attention to solo works for electronic keyboards and soprano saxophone and pioneered the use of various kinds of tape delay in live performance resulting in another set of milestone works, "A Rainbow in Curved Air", "Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band", "The Persian Surgery Dervishes" and "Shri Camel". These hypnotic, multi-layered, polymetric, brightly orchestrated, eastern flavored improvisations set the stage for the New Age movement that was to appear a decade or so later.

In 1970 Riley made his first of a series of trips to India to study with renowned North Indian vocal master, Pandit Pran Nath. Over the years he has frequently appeared with Pandit Pran Nath as vocal and tamboura accompanist.

Terry taught North Indian Raga and music composition during his years at Mills College in Oakland, California, in the 1970's. It was there he met David Harrington, the founder and 1st violinist in the Kronos Quartet and began the long association that has produced 9 string quartets, a keyboard quintet, "Crows Rosary" and a concerto for string quartet and orchestra, "The Sands", commissioned by the Salzberg Festival in 1991. "Cadenza on the Night Plain" was selected by both Time and Newsweek as one of the 10 Best Classical Albums Of The Year. The epic 5 quartet cycle, "Salome Dances for Peace", was selected as the #1 Classical Album Of The Year by USA Today magazine and was nominated for a Grammy.

Riley's innovative seven-movement orchestral work, "Jade Palace", was commissioned by Carnegie Hall for their centennial celebration 1990/1991 and performed there by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Leonard Slatkin. "June Buddhas", a three- movement work for chorus and orchestra based on the choruses from the Mexico City Blues of Jack Kerouac was commissioned by the Koussevitzky foundation in 1991.

Terry Riley has written for a variety of new music ensemble including the Rova Saxophone Quartet, Array Music of Toronto, Zeitgeist, Stephen Scott's bowed piano ensemble, The California EAR Unit, guitarist David Tanenbaum, the Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, pianist Werner Baertschi and the Amati String Quartet. In 1989 he formed the new performance ensemble KHAYAL which specializes in group vocal and instrumental improvisation.

In 1992, Terry formed a small theater company, The Travelling Avantt-Gaard, to perform his opera/theater piece "The Saint Adolf Ring" based on the divinely mad drawings, poetry, writings and mathematical calculations of Adolf Woelfi, an early 20th century Swiss artist.

Riley's solo keyboard and piano concerts have become somewhat legendary due to his unique blending of eastern and western styles and the unusual all-night solo concerts he gave in the 60's.

He was listed in the London Sunday Times as one of the 1000 Makers Of The 20th Century.

For further information visit

LONG LIVE THE KID! (Added 03/06/2006)
Billy the Kid is an American icon that still excites, fascinates and intrigues.

THE BEARD is now one of the hot topics on the net's most popular Billy the Kid Discussion board. Check it out for yourself at

big thanks to Trish for this. Long live the Kid!

Check out the official site of The Society of London Theatre at the THE BEARD is currently featured as one of its main stories.

When the full publicity drives starts in June, interest is bound to be high, so ensure you book your tickets as soon as possible. All the information can be found on this site.

In what is possibly the most exciting news yet - MICHAEL McCLURE is now confirmed as coming to the UK in July to support the production.

In addition to his promotional work for the production, Michael will be giving a public reading of his work at the London Review Bookshop in Bloomsbury on the evening of July 24.

The last time Michael read at the LRB - tickets completely sold out, so book early to hear this Beat legend read in person.

Tickets can be booked over the phone on 0207-269-9030. Further details can be found at

TICKETS ON SALE NOW (Added 27/04/2006)
Tickets for THE BEARD are now officially on sale.

Tickets are priced £12 / £10 and are available from -

The Old Red Lion Box Office - 020 7837 7816

Ticketmaster Online - link in the Upcoming Productions section of this site

Keep an eye on this site for news on casting, special events, etc.

TICKETS ON SALE (Added 19/04/2006)
Due to the number of enquiries regarding ticket availability, tickets will go on sale earlier than is normal practice for the venue.


Tickets are available from 020 7837 7816. Alternatively book online at

A direct link to ticketmaster can also to be found in the Upcoming Productions section of this website - simply enter the DATE of the performance you wish to attend and then follow the simple booking instructions given.

Within hours of posting the exciting news that the Company will be bringing "The Beard" to London in the summer, word has spread and the biggest online Beat resource, Beat Scene, has already added the story to their News page.

Check out to see for yourself and to read all the latest Beat news.

Interest in the show is going to be high, so BOOK NOW using the link in the Upcoming Productions section to avoid disappointment.

NEW PLAY REVEALED AT LAST (Added 08/04/2006)
Well, it's been almost two summers since "Black Aspirins", but finally I can announce the details of the new production from Theatre 14167 that will be arriving in a theatre near you this July.

The Company are very proud to announce that the next production will be a revival of Michael McClure's counter culture classic "The Beard". This will be the first revival of the show in the UK since it's production at The Royal Court in 1968 - that's almost 40 years!

The production will initially run for a limited three week engagement at The Old Red Lion Theatre in Islington from 25 July to 12 August.

More details about the show, Michael McClure, the venue, etc can be found now in the Upcoming section of this site. You'll also find a link there to be able to buy tickets for the show online.

Keep an eye on this site for all the news about the show as we get nearer and I hope to see you in London this summer.

WATCH THIS SPACE - News of the latest production from Theatre 14167 will be posted on this site IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS. As soon as the ink dries on the various contracts, all the details will be revealed here and I can only promise that they will be worth the wait. The next production is the Companies most ambitious to date and promises to put us on the theatrical landscape with a bang. Check back soon.

THEATRE 14167 TEAMS UP WITH YOUNG VIC (Added 16/01/2006)
As part of plans to secure the Company's future, I am pleased to announce that on behalf of Theatre 14167, I have now been accepted as a member of the Genesis Director's Project, a scheme run by The Young Vic.

More details can be found at It is hoped that membership of this scheme will allow the Company access to a network of talent that can hopefully contribute to the success of any future ventures. And stay tuned for news of what those future ventures are as (fingers crossed) an announcement will be posted on this site VERY SOON.

NEWS UPDATE AS 2005 ENDS (Added 19/12/2005)
2005 has been a very quiet year for the Company, but I can promise that 2006 will be much busier.
Much of 2005 has been spent putting the finances in place for the next production - details of which will appear here very soon. In order to keep the Company's creative and financial independence, these things take a lot longer than anyone would want, but I can reveal in the last month meetings have been had with The Finborough Theatre and The Southwark Playhouse as we begin pre-production on the next project.
The Company wishes everyone a Happy Christmas and thanks all those who regularly check the site for News - and I know there are a few out there - and I promise you a much more active 2006.

Whilst the last few months have been fairly quiet for the Company, the cast of "Black Aspirins" can be seen all over the place. David Hepple (Terry) can be seen in the latest McDonalds TV ad and was recently part of the King's Head Director's Showcase event in which he played Bates for director Eloise Emanuel in an adaptation of Pinter's "Silence", Simon Balfour (Jimmy) is currently playing a Goblin in "The Goblins Market" at The Southwark Playhouse where Nic Dawkes (Ewan) recently finished a run in Oscar Wilde's, "Wilde Tales". Nic has also just finished shooting the role of Young Harold in the film debut of writer/director Justin D. Hilliard, "Wednesday". The Company wishes all of them well. As for Theatre 14167, all that can be currently revealed is a lot of work is going on behind the scenes with potential investors to secure the Company's long term future. It is hoped that the Company will have a production in London next Summer. Details, as always, will appear here first.

Latest News from the Company (Added 05 March, 2005)
Time may be ticking away without news of a new production, but the Company is far from idle. The Company has been working with Darrin on the revised draft of "Black Aspirins" and although nothing is yet confirmed, work is continuing. The Company is also in the preparatory stages of developing a new script for future production. Details are sketchy, but the play concerns itself with the life and relationship of Beat poets Allen Ginsberg and William S Burroughs. And the other news is that Theatre 14167 will be achieving limited company status in the next few weeks, which will greatly assist with grant applications and our eventual aim of being given charitable status. So, enjoy the Peace because the storm of activity is never far away.

Seasons Greetings from Theatre 14167 (Added 14 December, 2004)
Theatre 14167 would like to wish everyone who has supported the Company in 2004 a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. And make sure you check out the site next year as 2005 will see the Company continue its work with Darrin on "Black Aspirins" as he works on the new draft. The Company will be pushing to stage the new version in London, 2005 and then help the play try to reach domestic publication. And on the publishing front, we already have confirmed details that the 2004 production is going to appear in a new US theatre text book in a chapter examining representations of mental illness on the stage - more details will appear here first. 2005 will also see the Company start pre-production on its next project - as yet all details are top secret, but watch this space to trace the new play's development history. All that can be confirmed at this point is that the Company will be returing to its counter culture roots with a bang!

Black Aspirins added to online theatre encyclopedia (Added 19 October, 2004)
Darrin Grimwood has been added to the world's largest on-line theatre encyclopedia this week, alongside writers such as David Hare and Steven Berkoff. Alongside Darrin's entry at is a mention of this Company's production of "Black Aspirins". The entry features a cast breakdown, a brief synopsis and an excerpt from the review that appeared in The Stage newspaper. Darrin is currently hard at work on a revised version of the play.

Latest news on "Black Aspirins" family (Added 10 October, 2004)
Nicholas Dawkes (Ewan) can currently be seen in Good Company's touring production of "Pride and Prejudice". Starring alongside Sylvester McCoy, Rula Lenksa and John Leslie, Nic can be seen next week in Southend before the tour comes to an end in Greenwich. The play has previously played in Guildford, Edinburgh and Windsor to packed houses. David Hepple (Terry) has just completed a week run at The Pleasance, Islington in Martin Skellern's new One Act-er "Extracts from my Diary". Finally, congratulations to Darrin Grimwood (writer) who has recently married his long standing partner. More news on the "Black Aspirins" cast and crew will appear on this site when applicable. More news on future projects will also be appear on this site soon.

Black Aspirins Mark 2 (Added 25 August, 2004)
Theatre 14167 is pleased to announce that it has come to an agreement with playwright Darrin Grimwood that it will work with him on a second, revised version of his play "Black Aspirins". Expect the new version to be playing in a theatre near you Summer 2006. In the meantime, the Company is pursuing several other avenues - including the revival of a counter culture classic and the commissioning of an entirely new piece. As usual, all details will always appear first on this site.

Curtain down on latest production (Added 15 July, 2004)
The run of Theatre 14167's latest production has now ended. In the final analysis, it was another successful experience for the Company. Audiences were good throughout the run and the critical response overall was positive. Photographs and reviews will appear in the "Past Productions" section in due time. Keep an eye on the site for more production news soon - plans are afoot to continue development work on "Black Aspirins" with the possibility of a UK tour. Development work has also started on another play text - all the details will appear here first, but trust it will be a return to the psychedelic Sixties of "HAIR" and the arena of American politics. See you all down the road.

Great review in this weeks "The Stage" (Added 6 July, 2004)
As the play enters its final week, the Company recieved a boost with a very positive review in "The Stage" newspaper. The review opens with "Sharp one-liners, surreal images and well-defined characters are sure to keep the audience entertained" and continues "the result is a bleak portrayal of the NHS and of the fragile human condition" before saying "Nicholas Dawkes and David Hepple give particularly fine performances, while designer Sarah Broad's artfully disordered set brings Grimwood's pressure cooker play to life. After 105 gripping minutes, we can almost smell the stench of the inmates' dirty clothes".

Black Aspirins - FINAL WEEK (Added 4 July, 2004)
Theatre 14167's latest production now enters its final week. After a week of good houses and "What's On In London" saying the play contained "strong and subtle performances by all three actors" the play goes from strength to strength. Tickets are still available for some shows in the final week - check out the White Bear Information and Box Office Line for the latest information.

Black Aspirins enters second week (Added 30 June, 2004)
Despite Euro 2004 and the tube strike, audiences have been finding their way to The White Bear this week. Audience feedback has been very encouraging and TIME OUT called the play "A Frank Skinner sitcom inspired by Jean Genet ... an intriguing proposition" and of Terry "David Hepple is an effectively grizzled cipher". Tickets are still available for the rest of the run on 020 7793 9193.

Tickets now on sale (Added 19 June, 2004)
The play starts previewing on Tuesday 22nd June and tickets are now available from the Box Office numbers listed in the Upcoming Productions section.

Black Aspirins Actor in "TIME OUT" review (Added 5 June, 2004)
David Hepple, who plays the leading role of Terry in "Black Aspirins", is currently appearing in the leading role of Steven in Conrad Blakemore's production of "The Lodger" at The Pentameter's Theatre, Hampstead. The review for that production was in this week's TIME OUT magazine and, I quote, "Steven is played with a wonderful lack of feeling by the excellent David Hepple". Be sure not to miss him in "Black Aspirins" as this is clearly an actor to watch out for!

Rehearsals under way (Added 5 June, 2004)
Rehearsals are now well underway for "Black Aspirins" and things are going well. It's a very intense three week rehearsal period, but everyone is really focused on producing the best work possible. In the "Upcoming Productions" section you will now find all the details of the show and tickets can now be booked in advance from the venue.

New Production Details (Added 11 May, 2004)
The World Premiere of "Black Aspirins" by Darrin Grimwood will take place on the 22nd June 2004. Running for three weeks at The White Bear Theatre, London the play will feature David Hepple as 'Terry', Simon Balfour as 'Jimmy', Nicholas Dawkes as 'Ewan' and Rebecca Worthing as 'Annie'. Check the new productions section for more details and information on booking tickets.

Black Aspirins starts casting (Added 5 April, 2004)
The casting trawl has began for the next show. PCR and CastNet have both carried ad's and so far the response has been tremendous - over 100 resumes were received within the first 48 hours. Cast details will appear here as soon as they're known and anyone interested should contact

Black Aspirins (Added 24 February, 2004)
It can now be officially confirmed that the next project for the company will be the world premiere of "Black Aspirins" by Darrin Grimwood. This exciting new play will debut in London this summer. As more details are known they will always appear first on this site.

Exciting developments (Added 15 February, 2004)
Well, it's been a busy few months for everyone involved with the company. The website has had its long awaited upgrade, but more importantly preparations have begun in earnest for the next production. Watch this space for developments, but if all the planets align then we will be opening in London this summer.

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